Bulk fuel filtration

Cost-effective Solutions from Donaldson
Donaldson offers a range of custom and standard filtration products and services specifically targeted to resolve fuel and bulk oil filtration problems, including:
• On-site surveys

• Facility upgrade options

• Condition monitoring

• Contamination control training/audit

• Installation support, commissioning and fluid management systems

• Support from a local Donaldson distributor for replacement filters and spare parts

Filtration on fuel and bulk oil systems prevents the ingression of solid particulate (dirt) into equipment when filling or topping off tanks. According to one major equipment manufacturer, more than 90% of fuel injection problems are due to unfiltered dirt or water in the fuel*.

With the rise of diesel injection pressures on engines and increasing sophisticaion of plant machinery, higher cleanliness levels are a reality in today’s equipment.

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Bulk filtration sheets

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